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Welcome Friends !  
New record album released! Tombstone Graffiti, " The Artist " at your favorite stores now. iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Want to party? Get it now if you need a Rock n' Roll fix.
  We are a band from Las Vegas, NV.  We play original Rock n' Roll. Robert Katzen on Vocals, D.C Cole on Drums, Dave Lister on Bass and Guitar and Al Smith on Lead Guitar.  We have been playing and recording together since the 90's.  Grammy Award winning percussionist Jeff Haynes has joined the band.  Also thanks to Al Smith for his outstanding lead guitar on " The Pearl." " Flying High, and of course all the live recordings. All songs written by Dave Lister and Bobby Katzen, with the exception of 'The Pearl, written by Mike Rivers and Dave Lister. Also we would like to thank Cousin B for recording us at Pegwood studio in Las Vegas. He also plays guitar and keys on our some tunes.
You know you want to Rock!
You know you need to Rock!
Get some Tombstone Graffiti music today.........
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