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New Record Album released! Tombstone Graffiti, " The Artist " at your favorite stores now. iTunes, Amazon and Spotify to name a few....
  Welcome to the Tombstone Graffiti zone. We are a Band from Beacon, NY,  Northern California and Las Vegas, NV. We play all original Rock n' Roll. Robert Katzen on Vocals, D.C Cole on Drums, Dave Lister on Guitars and Al Smith on Lead Guitar.  We have been playing and recording together for some time. We are children of years past and this is how we Rock. We would like to thank Grammy Award producer, Jeff Haynes for his work with us on " Fly'n High, Spiders Web, Chupacabra , Mr. Weaver, Prayer For the World, Interlude, Riding In My Tank, Pacific Coast Highway, The Artist, Disconnection, and Just Say Goodnight." I think i missed a couple. Mr. Haynes is having a blast playing Rock and Roll for a change. Also thanks to Al Smith for his outstanding lead guitar on " The Pearl." " Flying High, and of course all the live recordings. All songs written by Dave Lister and Bobby Katzen, with the exception of 'The Pearl, written by Mike Rivers and Dave Lister. Also we would like to thank Cousin B for recording us at Pegwood studio in Las Vegas. He also played guitar and keys on Spiders Web. Well now we can say, Jeff Haynes is the Grammy Award winning Producer of the new album " The Pearl." and the follow-up Album Re-Masters, it's for sale now on iTunes and Amazon! As well as many other digital outlets. We'll let you all know when the 3rd Album, "The Artist" comes out. ( attention fans -  Tombstone Graffiti - The Artist has been released)  
--- Stay tuned Stone heads! We love all the Love and Great support !!! We wish our friends and Fans the Best! Tomb-Out....
     Thank you ----
     We are now (6/1/18 ) recording the final tracks on our soon to be released 4th Album titled. " Cuban Baby Missile Crisis Syndrome." We will be sure to let you all know the release date.  We love you all !  
New Album out Now ! Cuban Baby Missile Crisis Syndrome !!!!!!!
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Gotta Have My Smoke

Bring My Whiskey Right Here

Gone ( the ballad of Lilly )

Just Say Goodnight

Prayer For The World

Mr. Weaver



The Pearl


Rod Shook Up


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